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Biographical information
Level Appearance(s): Unknown
Enemy Type: Hellspawn
Rank: Shikigami
Status: Dead
Physical description
Gender: Male
Hellspawn Type: Grounded
Hellspawn Children: None
Ninjutsu Type: Yin
Primary Weapon(s): Unknown
Secondary Weapon(s): Unknown
First appearance: Shinobi
Last appearance: Shinobi
Japanese Voice: Unknown
English Voice: Unknown
Kneel before the might of Yatsurao!! Bwahahahaha!
~ Hiruko unleashing his ultimate weapon, Yatsurao.

Yatsurao (八面王, "The King of Eight Faces" in Japanese) is a giant demonic statue and a minor villain in the 2002 videogame Shinobi.

A powerful Hellspawn monster, this four-armed giant that, according to Kagari Ubusuna, was brought to life by the Yin of many people killed in the earthquakes of Tokyo since the times of old.It was disabled and sealed by the Oboro Clan 72 years before the present events of the story. During the same time, they stopped the sorcerer Hiruko Ubusuna and his plans of total domination.

72 years ago, the mad mage Hiruko Ubusuna used an evil spell to cause the Great Kanto Earthquake. The death toll was immense, leaving Tokyo devastated. This was all so he could power a deadly Hellspawn weapon; Yatsurao the Eight Faced King, with the Yin and essence of those killed in the earthquakes. However, Hiruko's plan came to a violent end at the hands of the Oboro Clan, and the great demon was dismantled by the head of the Oboro family. Over the years Yatsurao was lost to legend, the truth known only by the Ubusuna and the Oboro.

The demonic living statue known as Yatsurao.

Hiruko after his return to the world of the living, attempts to sacrifice his living descendant Kagari Ubusuna as part of a dark ritual to reawaken him (as he also referred it as him) in order to use Yasturao as a weapon to subujugate the world once more.

Hotsuma eventually defeats Yatsurao and saved her, but its spirit along with the collective Yin of countless souls of murdered people and slain Hellspawn demons, was absorbed by Hiruko, giving him youth and even more power, which Hiruko reveals this to be his plan all along.


  • Yatsurao is a shikigami, a supernatural entity found in Japanese folklore.
  • Yatsurao's name is often sometimes spelled "Yatsuraou".