Tate; the Fatal Wind

Tate (殺陣; Fatal Wind ;pronounced Ta-tay) is a technique used by several members of the Oboro clan, most notably, Hotsuma, to quickly kill his enemies and gain Yin. Using Tate versus fighting normally wields three times more Yin


A technique used in the Oboro Clan by skilled shinobi such as Hotsuma, Moritsune , Hibana, Hisui , and Joe Musashi. the shinobi uses their weapon to attack a swath of foes at incredible speed with such precision they don't realize that they are already dead until the blade is returned to it's sheath. Akin to a Kabuki drama at the end, once the final opponent is struck down, the ninja sheaths their blade and the foes fall dead to the ground in a bloody heap.

For Joe Musashi and Hotsuma, when a certain number perishes, the whistling wind can be heard as the blade is returned to its sheath.


In Shinobi (2002), Tate becomes active when fighting against a group of enemies. A successfully defeated enemy will be frozen from the cut and the player must defeat the rest of the enemies present in a limited time frame. If they fail, the enemies already caught in Tate will be freed from the effect and collapse, torn asunder. If done successfully against at least four enemies, then the player will be treated to a cut scene where the character will strike a pose, with all of the defeated enemies being ripped apart from the attacks that had previously cut them down.

At the beginning of the game, Tate offers nothing but a point bonus at the end of the level. However, upon reaching stage 2, Akujiki's true power is awakened. When an enemy is cut down by this point, Akujiki's cutting power will be enhanced, indicated by a glow surrounding the blade. This power will increase the more enemies currently present the player manages to defeat within the time frame and up to ten can appear at a time. The glow's color will transform from blue (1-3), to purple (4-5) to crimson (6-8) and finally blood red around 9, which in most cases can kill a boss within one to two strikes. If the player can manage up to 10 kills, then a visual effect will flash to accompany the kill. The effect differs on the current stage being played.

Hotsuma would say various quote when performing a Tate, some of which hint at his past:

  • "Die."
  • "Forgive me."
  • "You fought well."
  • "I am sorry."
  • "Rest in peace."
  • "Perhaps this is our destiny."
  • "I shall have my revenge."
  • "I shall put your soul to rest."


  • Tate is a Japanese cinematic style of real world battle simulation often used in Jidaiki stories.
  • Tate originates from Kabuki drama from Edo.