A gojufu talisman

Gojufus (in Japanese: ご呪符, "Spells", "Charms", or "Curse Charm") are magic talismans that receive their power from Yin and the Netherworld and are used in the art of dark magic. They were used by Hiruko Ubusuna, the main antagonist in Shinobi (2002).

Any skilled onmyouji (in Japanese: 陰陽師, "sorcerer", "exorcist", or "medium") can use the gojufu to summon magical barriers that seal off areas, summon demonic entities, and possess victims or real world objects and place them under their control.

In his quest to conquer the Earth and its inhabitants, Hiruko used the gojufu to harness his magic and summon the Hellspawn that he unleashed upon Tokyo. In the final act of his plan of vengeance, Hiruko used the gojufu to possess the corpses of the slaughtered Oboro clan shinobi, and he used them to attack Hotsuma, the clan's leader.

Types of Gojufu Talismans

There are four different types of Gojufu talismans with certain powers:

  • Jinsou (in Japanese: 人操符): Manipulates the corpses of the Oboro clan's genin (in Japanese: 下忍; low ranking ninja) or ninken (in Japanese: 忍犬; ninja dog).
  • Kekkai Fu (in Japanese: 結界符): Distorts space to seal off areas.
  • Shoukan Fu (in Japanese: 召還符): Summons Hellspawn from the dark side of the universe.
  • Souhei Fu (in Japanese: 操兵符): Turns mechanical objects into Hellspawn.


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