Taijutsu (in Japanese: 体術; physical skills) are the techniques that shinobi must master in order to achieve superhuman physical ability. These skills enable the skilled shinobi to traverse otherwise impossible paths or turn the tide of battle. Shinobi can use these techniques to gain access to secret information or to use the superhuman ninjutsu arts. Early in life, all shinobi are trained in taijutsu so that they can act with superhuman precision and fulfill their missions.


  • Hassou-tobi (in Japanese: 八双飛び; Hassou styled flight): enables the shinobi to jump and then ascend even higher to attain altitude or to avoid attacks.
  • Hassou-shuriken (in Japanese 八双手裏剣; Hassou styled shuriken burst): An advanced skill in Oboro taijutsu that made its debut in The Revenge of Shinobi. Executed during a double jump, the user hurls their blades in all directions and pelts any and all nearby foes with a flurry of shuriken.
  • Juuji-uke (in Japanese: 十字受け; defensive cross form): Used in Revenge of Shinobi, Joe Musashi holds two kunai before him to guard against attacks. When activated, Joe's shuriken are wreathed in flame and he can use Oborozuki to slash at nearby foes.
  • Tate (in Japanese: 殺陣; sword battle;Lethal Gale): A special attack used by highly skilled Oboro shinobi, this enables the shinobi to effortlessly decimate hordes of foes with such speed and precision that they will not realize they're dead until the blade is sheathed. It made its debut in Shinobi (2002).
  • Hayabusa-otoshi (in Japanese: 隼落とし; falcon drop): a skill used originally by Joe Musashi in Shinobi III. A powerful diving kick that throws an enemy off guard or kills aerial enemies.
  • Kongo-otoshi (in Japanese:金剛落とし; Indra's drop or thunderbolt drop): A powerful spinning slash used by Jiro Musashi in Shinobi 3DS. Used originally by Sho in Shinobi Legions.
  • Sankaku-tobi (in Japanese: 三角飛び; three edged flight): enables the shinobi to use aerial foes or missiles as stepping stones to reach higher areas.
  • Dairetsuzan (in Japanese: 大裂斬; great decapitating split): After deflecting an enemy attack, the shinobi delivers a powerful counter slash that sends the defeated foe flying.
  • Shori-ginryu (in Japanese:昇り銀流; ascending silverstream): A rising upward slash.



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