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15:38, August 4, 2020Hooley.jpg (file)384 KBHades adam david hooley 
15:34, August 4, 2020Hades.JPG (file)83 KBHades adam david hooley 
22:39, January 21, 2020Wiki-background (file)143 KBFerthi 
22:07, January 21, 2020Switch Shinobi 06.jpg (file)495 KBFerthi 
22:07, January 21, 2020Switch Shinobi 05.jpg (file)331 KBFerthi 
22:07, January 21, 2020Switch Shinobi 04.jpg (file)405 KBFerthi 
22:06, January 21, 2020Switch Shinobi 03.jpg (file)431 KBFerthi 
22:06, January 21, 2020Switch Shinobi 02.jpg (file)337 KBFerthi 
22:06, January 21, 2020Switch Shinobi 01.jpg (file)307 KBFerthi 
21:58, January 21, 2020SEGA AGES Shinobi Cover.jpg (file)286 KBFerthi 
20:15, January 21, 2020Community-header-background (file)99 KBFerthi 
11:23, March 30, 2019Shadow Dancer.png (file)881 KBBeebozeelust 
11:13, March 30, 2019Kasumi.png (file)614 KBBeebozeelust 
11:01, March 30, 2019Karasu-2.png (file)5.21 MBBeebozeelust 
21:10, March 29, 2019Karasu-1.png (file)1,006 KBBeebozeelust 
21:08, March 29, 2019Karasu-0.png (file)1,014 KBBeebozeelust 
21:07, March 29, 2019Karasu.png (file)997 KBBeebozeelust 
20:53, March 29, 2019Kabuto.png (file)597 KBBeebozeelust 
20:43, March 29, 2019Omote.png (file)625 KBBeebozeelust 
18:00, March 29, 2019The Human Brain Supercomputer.jpg (file)34 KBB1bl1kal (The Human Brain Supercomputer)
01:08, January 18, 2019Jiro Musashi the young master ninja of the Obororyu.jpg (file)1.39 MBKusanagi Hiei 
20:00, January 13, 2019Master Jiro Musashi.jpg (file)91 KBB1bl1kal (Master Jiro Musashi)
22:26, January 7, 2019Jiro Musashi.png (file)261 KBKusanagi Hiei 
17:08, August 21, 2018RoS.png (file)25 KBStevenpavelish 
16:26, July 1, 2018Supershinobi blue lobster.jpg (file)579 KBKusanagi Hiei 
23:00, April 13, 2018The Ring of Five.jpg (file)104 KBB1bl1kal (The Ring of Five)
23:00, April 13, 2018Lobster the Great Demon Shinobi.jpg (file)34 KBB1bl1kal (Lobster the Great Demon Shinobi)
22:30, April 13, 2018Ken-Oh the Flame Ninja.jpg (file)34 KBB1bl1kal (Ken-Oh the Flame Ninja)
22:30, April 13, 2018Mandara.jpg (file)24 KBB1bl1kal (Mandara)
21:30, April 13, 2018The Black Turtle Attack Chopper.jpg (file)22 KBB1bl1kal (The Black Turtle Attack Chopper)
20:00, April 13, 2018The Zeed Insignia.jpg (file)86 KBB1bl1kal (The iconic insignia of the Zeed crime syndicate.)
18:00, April 11, 2018Master Nakahara the Masked Ninja.jpg (file)497 KBB1bl1kal (Master Nakahara the Masked Ninja)
17:00, April 11, 2018The Masked Ninja.jpg (file)38 KBB1bl1kal (The Masked Ninja)
16:50, April 11, 2018Master Nakahara.jpg (file)10 KBB1bl1kal (Master Nakahara)
16:50, April 11, 2018Nakahara.jpg (file)13 KBB1bl1kal (Nakahara)
16:50, April 11, 2018Masked Ninja.jpg (file)6 KBB1bl1kal (The Masked Ninja)
16:00, April 11, 2018Nakahara the Masked Ninja.jpg (file)17 KBB1bl1kal (Nakahara the Masked Ninja)
22:40, April 7, 2018The Masked Ninja Master.jpg (file)40 KBB1bl1kal (The Masked Ninja Master)
00:00, April 2, 2018Master Hotsuma vs. Master Hiruko Ubusuna.jpg (file)139 KBB1bl1kal (Master Hotsuma vs. Master Hiruko Ubusuna.)
23:00, March 31, 2018Master Joe Musashi vs. the Shadow Master.jpg (file)161 KBB1bl1kal (Master Joe Musashi vs. the Shadow Master.)
03:00, March 28, 2018The Ninja Master.jpg (file)42 KBB1bl1kal (The Ninja Master)
02:00, March 28, 2018Byakushishi the White Lion.jpg (file)36 KBB1bl1kal (Byakushishi the White Lion)
20:05, March 27, 2018Byakushishi.png (file)9 KBKusanagi Hiei 
20:30, March 25, 2018The Supercomputer.jpg (file)20 KBB1bl1kal (The Supercomputer)
20:00, March 25, 2018The Guard Lobster.jpg (file)30 KBB1bl1kal (The Guard Lobster)
12:57, March 25, 2018Guard lobster.png (file)21 KBKusanagi Hiei 
23:08, March 21, 2018Oborokage and jiro.jpg (file)50 KBKusanagi Hiei 
01:47, March 14, 2018Musashi and the Oborozuki.png (file)2.51 MBKusanagi Hiei 
01:37, March 14, 2018The Chief's demise.png (file)1.11 MBKusanagi Hiei 
15:19, February 25, 2018Joe musashi.jpg (file)270 KBKusanagi Hiei 

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