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Sho is the protagonist of Shinobi Legions


Orphaned alongside his brother Kazuma, Sho was found by Nindo Master Tessai and trained in the ways of the Shinobi together with Kazuma and Tessai's daughter Aya, who would become a friend, sister, and lover to Sho. After fifteen years, Sho and Kazuma became experts in Tohjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu. But when Kazuma began rejecting the teachings of Tessai and left, Sho stayed to continue his studies with Tessai and Aya until Tessai passed away.

After Aya is kidnapped by Garzo, a criminal organization led by his brother, Sho pursues her captures in order to rescue her.

After defeating many of Garzo's minions, Sho saves Aya and the two went into hiding. Eventually he would learn from Aya that the ultimate secret technique of Tessai's Nindo is an all powerful skill using the power of the universe itself, and required the merging of energies between a man and a woman to be activated within its successor. When Garzo found out, they abducted Aya once again and brought her to Kazuma.

After tracking her down to Kazuma's lab, he found the weakened Aya, who gave him the key to unlock the ultimate art. After Kazuma appears, empowered by the energy he stole from Aya, Kazuma gives Sho the chance to join him. Sho angrily refuses and readies to fight his brother. After a raging battle, Sho uses the Ultimate Secret Art "Nyorai", and defeats Kazuma, who marvels at its power. As the lab begins to self destruct, Sho tries to help Aya and Kazuma, but Kazuma envelopes him and Aya in a barrier made from the last of Kazuma's powers. After the explosion, Sho and Aya create a modest grave in Kazuma's memory and go home together.


  • Initially Sho was mistaken for Joe Musashi due to the red and white shinobi shozoku he wears.