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"There is no victory, no revenge or intent, only action."

Shinobi, otherwise known in Japan as Shinobi 3D is the latest entry of the Shinobi series. The first game in the series to come out in eight years, it was released in 2011 on 3DS.


The legendary ninja warrior returns. Betrayed by his friend, Jiro Musashi must battle an ancient evil in the return of the Shinobi series with an intense mixture of ninja weaponry and magic.


Primarily controlled with the Circle Pad and Four Face Buttons, it makes little use of the touch screen outside of mini games. The game plays like Shinobi III with a few new moves, and rewards careful and masterful gameplay while penalizing reckless and careless gameplay that lead to damage or death. Challenge maps are hidden in the game where you can play as Joe Musashi, and plenty of unlockable secrets throughout every level like its predecessors, favoring the old school play style.


In the Kamakura Period of the Kencho Era, Jiro Musashi of the Oboro Ninja clan trains with his instructor when Zeed's Ninja Army attack the Oboro Village. After driving the attackers away, Jiro tracks them down to the snow capped mountains where their base was held. But when a mysterious blue light strikes the village, Jiro using his secret arts to shield himself from the blowback is catapulted 800 years into the future by the clashing energies of the blast and his barrier. Now trapped in the year 2056 AD with no way home, and his clan destroyed, Jiro presses on in this changed world to liberate it from Zeed's control and avenge his fallen brethren.


  • Jiro Musashi (ジロー・ムサシ)- A young and prodigious Oboro-ryu shinobi, Jiro became the young chief of the Oboro-ryu and had earned full proficiency in the Shinobi Arts. After he is hurled through time by an attack on his homeland resulting in the ruination of his clan and village, Jiro treks through the dystopia of 2056 for honor and revenge.
  • Col Sarah Krieger- A youthful lady soldier with an uncanny resemblance to Jiro's lost beloved. She fights with twin guns and incredible fighting skills, leading the resistance against Zeed's tyranny.
  • Shadow Master- The supreme leader of Zeed, the Shadow Master is a mysterious figure who rules with an iron fist. Always wearing a crimsion Oni mask, his true identity is known by few.