Jiro musashi

Shinobi; Hidden Warrior of Stealth

Shinobi (忍 ​Ninja/ Stealth/ Stoicism​) is an archaic term that preceeds the modern term Ninja. The Shinobi were a tribe of highly skilled imperial spies whose duties were to procure intelligence and protect the nation in shadows, unknown to the general poplulace. Masters of stealth, espionage, intelligence gathering, infiltration and assassination, they are experts of Ninjutsu; Shinobi techniques and sciences exclusive to the clan from which the shinobi in question relates. In the Shinobi Franchise, this is to refer to Ninja characters used by the player. It is also a codename used to conceal their identity. Female shinobi are called onna-no-shinobi​ (女忍 woman shinobi )or in modern times Kunoichi (くノ一)

Shinobi (Male and Female)



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