The Oboro Village (in Japanese: 朧流忍の里Oboro-ryuu shinobi no sato; Obororyu Ninja Village is the hometown of the Oboro Ninja Clan. It is the place where legendary shinobi Joe Musashi and many others were born and raised, and it holds significance to the Shinobi videogame franchise.


The Oboro Village is a hidden town of Oboro ninjas. Founded many years ago by the Oboro family of old, the Oboro Village is where the Oboro School of Ninjutsu, and subsequently the Oboro-ryuu Ninja came to be.

In the late Heian era, the Oboro family, having studied the then newly developed art of Iga-ryuu Ninjutsu, combined the Iga Shinobi teachings with the arts of the Oboro warriors to create a superhuman form of combat and magic. It is here in this village, that the Oboro Style of Ninjutsu; the arts used by many great Oboro Ninja such as Joe Musashi, was born.


The Oboro Village follows the traditional structure of a normal village. Every village chief is elected among the strongest Jounin (in Japanese: 上忍;high ranking shinobi) in the Oboro Clan, and training is over seen by the Jounin and supervised by the Chief Ninja (in Japanese: 頭領 Touryou Chief). The Chief is often the eldest Master Ninja, who is in charge of overseeing the raising of the village children and the upkeep of the village, assigning missions to shinobi based on skill level and mission difficulty. The most powerful master ninja is chosen as the successor to the village leadership, and is taught the ancient secret arts of the Oboro Family and inherit the clan's sacred katana Oborozuki, an excellently crafted shinobi sword forged with secret Oboro techniques lost to time, and bestowed only to the next Shinobi Chief to take over when the current chief either retires or passes away. But if the heirs are too young to lead, then the Elders maintain leadership of the Village until the heirs reach adulthood.


  • In the PlayStation 2 version of Shinobi, the cursed blade Akujiki is inherited instead.