The Nakatomi Conglomerate (in Japanese: 中臣財閥, Nakatomi zaibatsu), also known as Nakatomi Corporation, Nakatomi Group and Nakatomi, is a Japanese corporation that consorted with the malevolent and powerful sorcerer, Hiruko Ubusuna, who used their influence to unleash hordes of Hellspawn upon Tokyo. The corporation is a primary antagonist in Nightshade.


Initially a group of merchants, the Nakatomi conglomerate was founded during the Edo period. As modernization spread, the Nakatomi group was formed, and the company began diversifying. In modern times, the corporation sells a variety of commodities, everything from cleaning utensils to military arms.

Additionally, Nakatomi were among the top specialists in the field of robotics, which Hiruko used to his advantage. The mad sorcerer was able to rebuild his Hellspawn weapon, Yatsurao, which housed the anguish and pain of the countless people that were killed in the great Kanto earthquake. The young Oboro leader, Hotsuma, destroyed Yatsurao and eventually Hiruko as well.

A year after Hiruko failed to retrieve Akujiki, the Nakatomi group attempted to acquire the blade for themselves and for unknown purposes. When the Japanese government ordered Hiruko's descendant, Kagari Ubusuna, to seal the demon blade, the Nakatomi conglomerate hired several expert mercenaries to acquire it. They also created the cyborg ninja, Kurohagane, to handle the blade.

In response, the Japanese government sent the young and talented Hibana to stop Nakatomi from stealing the sword. Hibana traveled though a ruined Tokyo, where she fought numerous Nakatomi ninja and Hellspawn. Ultimately, Hibana completed her mission and met with her government contacts, but was hesitant to relinquish Akujiki. Instead, because she suspected that her government contacts were under Nakatomi's employ, she handed over her replica and kept the true Akujiki for herself.