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"You choose not to listen to me. Very well..." - Kizami

Kizami (刻) is a blind swordsman with exceptional skills in swordmanship who is part of the Oboro Clan and a minor hero in the 2002 remake videogame Shinobi.


Kizami is a veteran Jonin of the Oboro. A master of kenjutsu, he has been in hundreds of battles in his time. He has innumerable battle scars across his body, a testament to his lethality. He is also among the few people left alive to have faced Hiruko Ubusuna and his Hellspawn minions many years ago.

His skill was said to be at the top of the Jonin, but he didn't participate in the match with Moritsune, and was perhaps unaware, but professed that there was no one who could defeat Moritsune. Contrary to his cold appearance, he is gentle guardian of sorts to the Oboro, and have saved each Jonin at least once or twice. In a battle he lost his sight in protecting Hotsuma in his first battle against Hellspawn. Instead of weakening, losing his sight made his senses sharper and more powerful.

Kizami's Demise

4 years after Moritsune died and Hotsuma became leader, Kizami and the rest of the Oboro Clan were attacked and killed by the evil Hiruko Ubusuna and the Hellspawn before he resurrects and brainwashed them into fighting Hotsuma.

Kizami soon face Hotsuma in a flooded corridor next to the doorway to a secret contruction site at a factory owned by the Nakatomi Corporation who is aiding Hiruko in rebuilding Yatsurao.

After Hotsuma defeats him, he comments on Akujiki’s blade and that Hotsuma might just have what is needed to kill Hiruko.