Hisui (in Japanese: 翡水; jade gem) is a villainess in Nightshade. Known as "The Shinobi of Water", Hisui has the ability to summon floods and create shurikens out of ice. Her trademark weapon is an umbrella that can be imbued with water magic and used as a sharp blade.

Hisui is the third shinobi that confronted Hibana in battle. A skilled kunoichi, she harbors a hatred for Hibana, who she believes is responsible for her master's death. Prior to his death, she was Jimushi's latest apprentice and Hibana's replacement. Hisui secretly held deep feelings of affection for her former master, and she is jealous of Hibana because Jimushi held her in a high regard.


Hisui is a young girl in her adolescence. She has a slender physique and chestnut hair and eyes. She wears violet goggles and a violet outfit, which was custom made with maneuverability in mind, that permits her agility. She also wears a swallow-tailed sash and a golden crest that reminds her of her former clan. In Nightshade, Hisui is a playable character and her bonus outfit is made up of shorts, a colorful shirt, and roller blades.


Hisui is the last survivor of the Minazuki clan (in Japanese: 水無月一族 clan of the moonless waters), a ninja clan that was destroyed by the Japanese government. Orphaned at a young age, she was adopted by the former Oboro clan elder, Jimushi. Over the years, Hisui developed strong feelings for Jimushi, who she looked up to as her mentor, mission handler, and father figure. Unfortunately, these feelings were not mutual; Although Jimushi accepted Hisui as his pupil and was satisfied with her work, he maintained his affections for his former apprentice, Hibana. As a result, Hisui developed feelings of jealousy and began to spite Hibana, who she felt was undeserving of Jimushi's praise. After Jimushi was contracted by the Nakatomi corporation and included her in his elite mercenary group, Hisui tried to please Jimushi with impeccable skill and unwavering loyalty. She wanted to prove to him that she's just as hardworking as Hibana.

When Hibana defeated Kurohagane outside of a Nakatomi research facility, Jimushi appeared and stole the cyborg's Akujiki shards, and then beckoned Hibana to meet him at Shinogawa harbor. Shortly after their meeting at the harbor, Hisui learned that Jimushi was killed. Distraught with grief, Hisui mourned her master's death and deduced that, because he went alone to the docks to meet her, that Hibana must be responsible for his death. With this in mind, Hisui's feelings of rage compounded with her already potent dislike of Hibana and she set out to get her revenge.
Hibana vs hisui

The Vengeful Beauties

As Hibana raced toward the ruined Golden Palace, Hisui confronted Hibana on the old harbor road and cursed her for taking Jimushi's life, unaware that it was Kurohagane who murdered him. Despite her best efforts, Hisui was defeated in battle. Aggrieved by loss and uncertain about her purpose in life, she was ready to die and, as a large chunk of asphalt beneath her gave way to the rocky waters below, she accepted her fate. However, at the last second, Hibana lunged and grabbed her arm. While dangling from Hibana's grasp, Hisui asked why she didn't just let her die, as she felt purposeless without Jimushi's guidance. Hibana resonated with Hisui's sentiment and gave her new meaning in life by telling her that she could hate her and come after her when she's ready. Hisui accepted these new terms and resolutely promised to kill Hibana, who left her to ruminate.


Hisui became an orphan when she lost her family in a government ordered raid. She reached a turning point in her life when Jimushi adopted her, and she practiced hard to earn his acknowledgment. To that end, she combined her inherent Minazuki skills with Jimushi's Oboro-ryu skills, and this unique blend of training made her a prodigy and equal to her anedeshi (姉弟子; older sister apprentice), Hibana.

Hisui was utterly devoted to Jimushi who, perhaps due to negligence or simply a failure to notice, did not return her feelings, and she grew to detest Hibana for being the one who was always on her master's mind. Even so, she loved and remained loyal to Jimushi. When he died, she was consumed by hatred and grief. She mistakenly blamed Hibana for his death and engaged her in a life-or-death battle. After her defeat, Hisui wanted to die but Hibana wouldn't let her. Though she initially felt lost and alone, Hisui was reinvigorated with newfound purpose; she vowed to one day kill Hibana.


In Nightshade, Hisui appears as a boss and a playable character. Her primary weapon is an umbrella that she augments with high pressure water and fashions into a blade that can easily cut through Hellspawn. Like Jimushi and Hibana, she can also use the stealth dash, though she produces watery afterimages instead of phantoms, which can be attributed to her blending of Minazuki and Oboro shinobi skills.

As a boss character, Hisui will often create a flood in order to slow the player down. If there is enough distance between her and the player, she may perform a dashing thrust attack, and she will often summon airborne kunoichi which will effectively trap her opponents and allow her the opportunity to attack from below. As a playable character, Hisui is similar to Hibana. While she can run faster than Hibana, she is slowed down by her umbrella's thrusts and swipes. Like Hibana, Hisui can attack foes and accumulate energy in her chakra meter, which allows her to send out her watery afterimages and perform a stealth attack, which is Nightshade's version of the tate (殺陣). Additionally, Hisui's kunai can freeze enemies solid and encase them in blocks of ice. She also has her own version of the raijin ninjutsu spell that produces a shimmering bubble instead of a lightning barrier.

Hisui has one alternate costume. While it is equipped, she will skate around on her roller blades instead of simply running.