A Mokugyogarasu, a well-known member of the Hellspawn demon race.

The Hellspawn (in Japanese: 式神 Shikigami) are a race of mythical Japanese demons and a large group of supporting antagonists in the 2002 videogame remake Shinobi.

These monsterous dark spirits from the netherworld are comprised entirely of Yin, the very spiritual essence of the negative emotions and dark energy of all living things, they can be powered or revitalized by talismans called Gojufu.

The Hellspawn were unleashed by Hiruko Ubusana and set loose upon modern day Tokyo as they seek to plunge the Earth into an eternity of darkness. They were all stopped and defeated by Hotsuma, the Oboro Clan's last leader and remaining survivor who avenged his people's massacre and defeated their old archenemy Hiruko.

The Nakatomi Conglomerate, a high-tech company in Japan have also unknowingly taken part in unleashing the Hellspawn invasion when they helped Hiruko in rebuilding his ultimate weapon, Yatsurao.

Hellspawn Demons

There are many types of Hellspawn that will attack anyone or anything they come into contact. Certain kinds of Hellspawn can be looked by their type and names, color and appearance, such as flying ghoulish fish-like fiends, huge club-wielding orges, and mask-like heads.

Hellspawn (fish-like)

Hellspawn (canine)

Hellspawn (ogres)

Hellspawn (serpentine)

Hellspawn (magical)

Hellspawn (insectoid)


Four Hellspawn Lords

The Hellspawn all serve the four powerful demonic masters who ruled over them, the Hellspawn Lords.


  • The Hellspawn are shikigami, supernatural entities found in Japanese folklore.
  • The Four Hellspawn Lords are also known by another name "Yotsubashira".
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