Guard Lobster (in Japanese: ガード・ロブスター Gado Robusutā) is an enemy and the first boss in Shinobi III.

An armored ninja from the Lobster Gang like Blue Lobster before him, he is a samurai armored ninja altered by biotechnology into a monstrous fighter in azure and gold armor fueled by a lust for battle with a worthy foe.

After the fall of the Blue Lobster to Joe Musashi at the Oboro Village years ago Guard Lobster became the new head of the Lobster Gang. Called upon by the Shadow Master, he was given the order to kill Joe Musashi.

The Shadow Master knew that ordinary ninja were no match for the Super Shinobi, so he devised a plan; enhancing his ninja into biotech enhanced super soldiers.

The Guard Lobster, thirsty for power and itching for battle, volunteered for the procedure, and his body was warped into a monstrous four armed version of his former self. With this transformation his desire for battle increased, and as a result the mutant samurai waited in the caves outside Zeed's new base, where Joe Musashi was bound to infiltrate. As their battle intensified the azure armor began to turn gold in color, meaning that Lobster was growing weaker, and as a result, Guard Lobster became the first of Neo Zeed's generals felled by the Oboro Leader's blade.



  • He is sometimes called the "Mutated Samurai" and the "Samurai Lord".