Byakushishi the White Lion (in Japanese: 白獅子 White Lion) is a villain character and Boss in Shinobi III.

A ninja dressed in a kabuki-themed attire he bears a striking resemblance to the Masked Ninja of Neo Zeed, the main difference being his mask. With his ghost white lion mane hairstyle he conceals kunai which he hurls at his unaware prey and summons spears while using trick walls to disorient his foes.

Byakushishi and his brother were top members of the Neo Zeed syndicate, but after his brother was killed in revenge by Joe Musashi as he rescued Naoko, Zeed's plans were thwarted and as a result Byakushishi took his brothers position. Seeking revenge for his brother's defeat, Byakushishi triggered a trap in a gorge where Joe Musashi was and Joe was forced to fight for his life to escape.

After Karura the Tengu was defeated, Byakushishi awaited Musashi in a maze-like pagoda castle. Face to face with the Oboro-ryu's leader, Byakushishi tried to disorient Musashi and impale him with spears, but Musashi's skills enabled him to see through his trickery. Getting serious, the Zeed zealot attempted to kill him using his skills honed to a level his brother couldn't reach. Despite his abilities, Joe Musashi emerges the victor and Byakushishi perishes to Hazy-Moon's edge.


  • Due to his appearance he is often mistook for the final boss of "the Revenge of Shinobi" when in truth that is his older twin brother.
  • Unlike his brother who threw his mane like a shuriken, Byakushishi uses his hair to fling actual shuriken at him.