Kusanagi Hiei Kusanagi Hiei 25 February 2018


Recently i checked out this place called SEGARetro.com. found some material that would be of use to the wiki. my First findings was on Revenge of Shinobi, to ensure that the stuff i had on things like Hazy-Moon and other things were sound. The best ones to use are the Japanese ones, so ask the ones here who are good at Japanese to a degree to help translate. --Kusanagi Hiei (talk) 14:03, February 25, 2018 (UTC)

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Kusanagi Hiei Kusanagi Hiei 21 November 2017

Kurohagane's Identity

I've been thinking about it for a while. Why did Kurohagane look like Hotsuma following restoring Akujiki's sword form? In PXZ2 Hotsuma sees him and gets very uncomfortable, and each time there is something he felt was not right with him. Is it possible that Kurohagane IS Hotsuma's corpse turned Cyborg? After all, Hotsuma died after killing Hiruko so that he could free himself of Akujiki's grasp.

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Kusanagi Hiei Kusanagi Hiei 5 February 2017

Shinobi 3DS

Hey, sorry for the long stay away. Been busy with RL stuff. Anyway i managed to put up a good and detailed thing on Jiro Musashi. I'm getting to Sarah next, then Shadow Master and Orn. any thing you can help me with, please instruct okay?Kusanagi Hiei (talk) 17:51, February 5, 2017 (UTC)

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AceChaos AceChaos 30 December 2014

Getting some new Shinobi games!

When I get some money, I'm getting Shinobi PS2 or The G.G. Shinobi!

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AceChaos AceChaos 10 November 2014

Getting a Game Gear!

I'm getting a Game Gear soon, so I'll then have access to The G.G. Shinobi I and II!

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AceChaos AceChaos 30 October 2014

My first page!

I just created my first page on the Shinobi Wiki! I noticed that no one had made a page about The G.G. Shinobi II: The Silent Fury, so I jumped at the opportunity. I look forward to making this Wiki a better place.

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